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To have your praise, criticism or general comments printed in The Collegian, please send a letter to the editor. Letters to the editor should be kept to fewer than 500 words. Submissions are accepted and reviewed throughout the school year, but The Collegian reserves the right to edit for length, clarity, and propriety of content. Received submissions are subject to review and are printed on a case-by-case basis.

Submissions to the opinion section should be sent to Stephanie Manley at stephanie.manley@richmond.edu Please keep opinion submissions at 750 words or under.

Deadlines for letters to the editor and opinion submissions for that week’s paper are due 5 p.m. Sunday.


The Collegian offers competitive pricing on quarter page ads, half page ads, full page ads, classifieds and pre-printed single and multiple page inserts. To order an advertisement, contact advertising manager Catherine Sheffield at urcollegianads@gmail.com.

Advertising submissions for the paper, which comes out every Thursday, are due Monday at 5 p.m. before that week’s paper. The Collegian is working to offer advertising options on its Web site.

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Staff List


[+] Clay Helms— Editor in Chief

E-mail: clay.helms@richmond.edu | Richmond ’15

[+]Erin Flynn — Content Managing Editor

E-mail: erin.flynn@richmond.edu | Westhampton’15

[+]Andy Miller — Operations Manager

E-mail: andy.miller@richmond.edu | Richmond ’15

[+]Rebecca Fradkin— Copy Editor

E-mail: rebecca.fradkin@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Lindsay Schneider — Online Editor

E-mail: lindsay.schneider@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’17

[+]Jack Nicholson — Sports Editor

E-mail: jack.nicholson@richmond.edu | Richmond ’16

[+]Brooke Harty — News Editor

E-mail: brooke.harty@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Victor Nichols — Features Editor

E-mail: victor.nichols | Richmond ’15

[+]Stephanie Manley — Opinions Editor

E-mail: stephanie.manley@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+] Sugandh Gupta — Photo Editor

E-mail: sugandh.gupta@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Surabhi Gupta — Graphics/Design Editor

E-mail: surabhi.gupta@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Stacey Harrington — Business Manager

E-mail: stacey.harrington@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Holly Speck — Advertising Manager

E-mail: holly.speck@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’17

[+]Caroline Maugeri — Marketing Manager

E-mail: caroline.maugeri@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Tracy Akers — Copy Assistant

E-mail: tracy.akers@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Brittany Capps — Copy Assistant

E-mail: brittany.capps@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Dane Harrison — Copy Assistant

E-mail: dane.harrison@richmond.edu | Richmond ’15

[+]Evan McKay — Copy Assistant

E-mail: evan.mckay@richmond.edu | Richmond ’17

[+]Matt McKenna — Copy Assistant

E-mail: matt.b.mckenna@richmond.edu | Richmond ’16

[+]Katie Mogul — Copy Assistant

E-mail: katie.mogul@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Jesse Siebentritt — Copy Assistant

E-mail: jesse.siebentritt@richmond.edu | Richmond ’15

[+] Jack Clark — Online Assistant

E-mail: john.s.clark@richmond.edu | Richmond ’16

[+]Kyle Lee — Online Assistant

E-mail: kyle.lee@richmond.edu | Richmond ’17

[+]Gabriel Obregon— Online Assistant

E-mail: gabriel.obregon@richmond.edu | Richmond ’17

[+]John Persche— Online Assistant

E-mail: john.persche@richmond.edu | Richmond ’17

[+]Alyssa Gunville— News Assistant

E-mail: alyssa.gunville@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Brennen Lutz— Features Assistant

E-mail: brennen.lutz@richmond.edu | Richmond ’15

[+]Melissa Diamond — Opinion Assistant

E-mail: melissa.diamond@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Jeremy Day— Jeremy Day

E-mail: jeremy.day@richmond.edu | Richmond ’15

[+]Yueyang Cao — Photographer

E-mail: yueyang.cao@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Ada Jingwen Liao — Photographer

E-mail: ada.liao@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+] Rayna Mohrmann — Photographer

E-mail: rayna.mohrmann@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]RJ Morrison — Photographer

E-mail: rj.morrison@richmond.edu | Richmond ’16

[+]Matt Vandini — Photographer

E-mail: matt.vandini@richmond.edu | Richmond ’17

[+]Abby Wilson — Photographer

E-mail: abby.wilson@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Mengdong Zhuang — Photographer

E-mail: mengdong.zhuang@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16

[+]Jenny Rothenberg — Videographer

E-mail: jenny.rothenberg@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Kristen Muncan — Marketing/Ad Assistant

E-mail: kristen.muncan@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’15

[+]Kristin Wright — Marketing/Ad Assistant

E-mail: kristin.wright@richmond.edu | Westhampton ’16