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Pi Phi raises money for literacy at Ballin’ for Books

Published: March 31, 2014, 2:14 pm ET
Courtesy of Kara Palmberg
Pi Beta Phi raises funds at its annual philanthropy event "Ballin for Books" to promote literacy and inculcate a love for reading.
Colegian Reporter

University of Richmond’s Pi Beta Phi chapter hosted its annual spring philanthropy event Ballin’ for Books Wednesday, March 26. Danielle O’Hara, Pi Phi’s philanthropy chairwoman, said the sorority raised about $1,200, more than twice the amount raised last year.

The 3-on-3 basketball tournament is Pi Phi’s second-largest annual event after Lip Sync, which occurs in the fall. O’Hara said the funds raised would be donated to Pi Phi’s national philanthropy initiative, Read > Lead > Achieve. The main goal of this program is to inspire a lifelong love of reading in order to build a more literate and productive society.

Sophomore Melissa Cooper is Pi Phi’s Ballin’ for Books chairwoman. She said the majority of the money raised came from the $20 fee to form a team.

Other funds came from the Chick-fil-A profit share Wednesday, March 25, during which Pi Phi raised $207. Richmond students were encouraged to go to Chick-fil-A and mention Ballin’ for Books when they ordered.

Twenty-five teams signed up to play. O’Hara said she thought the event was an overall success. “We were able to implement some changes that made it more enjoyable for players and spectators alike.”

“This year, we let the teams know what specific times they would be playing, so they weren’t just sitting around waiting,” senior Emily Shuman said. Pi Phi also introduced the “Challenge a UR basketball player” halftime event this year. Three Richmond basketball players volunteered to compete in a shoot-out with players and spectators, and there was a slam-dunk contest.

“I think that halftime show was an entertaining break for the teams, but there are definitely more details that need to be worked out if it is going to be done again in the future,” O’Hara said.

Team Monstars Pt. 2, which comprised members of the club basketball team, was the winner of the night. They received a banner traditionally given to the winning team, O’Hara said.

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