Richmond mock trial team advances to next round

Published: February 18, 2014, 4:06 pm ET
Courtesy of Tim Patterson
The Richmond team placed high enough in its regional championship with 20 other schools to qualify for the next competition in Greenville, S.C.
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ThThe University of Richmond mock trial team hosted a regional championship with 20 other schools Feb. 7-9. The Richmond team placed high enough to qualify for the next competition in Greenville, S.C.

“Our ‘B’ team competed in this competition and did a terrific job earning a bid to Greenville,” said Timothy Patterson, one of the two directors of the mock trial program and University of Richmond School of Law student. “They worked hard in the weeks leading up to the competition and we knew they would perform well, but they really exceeded expectations.”

Patterson said the team comprised almost entirely first-year students. “To place well at such a prestigious tournament says a lot about their work ethic and ability to learn complicated material quickly.”

The “B” team is made up of 10 students. Freshman Greg Hamilton is the team captain. “Our team was considered one of the underdogs coming in,” he said.

Hamilton earned an All Region Attorney award at the competition.

Patterson said the team’s path to victory had not been easy. Richmond defeated Harvard University, which was a favorite at the tournament and had been expected to advance both its teams. Harvard is advancing only one team to Greenville this year because of Richmond’s success.

Senior Emily Van Saun is new to the mock trial team this year.She earned the All Region Witness award for her portrayal of Tyler Hartman, a funny sorority girl.

“I incorporated typical sorority jokes into the case that added some humor,” she said.

Van Saun said she had enjoyed competing in her first mock trial against schools from all over the country. She said it had been fun for her as a witness to see how each team had portrayed the different witnesses and what angles they had taken.

The other director of the mock trial program is Ted Ritter, a political science professor at Richmond.

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