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Men’s Lacrosse Live Blog: Richmond vs No. 8 Virginia

Published: February 8, 2014, 1:40 pm ET
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4th Quarter 0:00- UVA runs out the clock and holds on to the 13-12 victory. Thanks for reading.

4th Quarter 0:06- UVA, with possession, calls timeout. Not looking good for the Spiders.

4th Quarter 0:57- Spiders turn it over. UVA clears successfully.

4th Quarter 1:24- Richmond regains possession and takes its final timeout.

4th Quarter 2:06- Richmond, trailing 13-12, calls a timeout. UVA has the ball.

4th Quarter 5:05- Just announced that the attendance is 4200.

4th Quarter 7:44- 10 seconds later, Mike Burns scored on a far shot as he was falling, which brings the fans to their feet.

4th Quarter 7:54- UVA wastes no time on the man up and extends its lead to 13-11.

4th Quarter 8:35- Another Spider trail check forces the turnover. UVA forces a turnover on the ride, and had a great scoring opportunity before Hatem cross-checked a UVA player. Probably a good penalty to take, actually.

4th Quarter 9:15- UVA forces a turnover, gets out in transition, but the shot sails wide. UVA ball.

4th Quarter 9:58- A great Richmond check forces a UVA turnover and the Spiders successfully clear.

4th Quarter 12:04- Alexc Hatem’s rip ties the game at 11.

3rd Quarter 0:00- UVA leads 11-10 heading into the fourth quarter.

3rd Quarter 7:04- James Pannell takes the feed from X and finishes. UVA leads for the first time since 6:20 in the second quarter.

3rd Quarter 8:03- Tyler German scores on a ridiculous spinning shot, and the Cavs have tied the game at 10.

3rd Quarter 14:43- Goldberg doesn’t waste anytime, scoring his third goal 17 seconds into the 3rd quarter. Spiders lead 10-8.

Halftime – What an opening half for Richmond’s lacrosse team. The Spiders outscored Cavaliers 6-2 in the second quarter, and hold a 9-8 lead at the half. Mitch Goldberg’s consecutive goals got the crowd going, and Richmond used this momentum to open up a 9-6 lead. The Spiders’ played a gritty first half, as a lot of their success came from outworking the Cavaliers in unsettled situations. Richmond goalie Conor Shannon played a fantastic half and has nine saves at the break. Richmond will need another big half out of Shannon, though, as the Cavs will almost certainly continue to pressure the Spiders defense in the second half.

2nd Quarter 0:07- Tyler German cuts the Spiders lead to 9-8 right before half.

2nd Quarter 2:09- Mike Burns scores Richmond’s seventh-straight. Richmond has outscored UVA 6-0 this quarter.

2nd Quarter 4:15- Alex Hatem scores Richmond’s sixth-straight goal. Someone in the press box just asked, “what the hell is going on?” I think he’s not the only person wondering that. Spiders lead, 8-6.

2nd Quarter 5:27- J.P. Forester’s rip beats UVA’s goalie, and the Spiders have its first ever lead as a D-1 program.

2nd Quarter 6:30- Jean-Luc Chetner scores Richmond’s third-straight goal, and the game is tied at six. It’s the first tie since the score was 0-0.

2nd Quarter 8:15- Mitch Goldberg comes off a screen and finishes a feed from Brian Gramolini. Goldberg responds with another goal 19 seconds later that gets Robins Stadium as loud as its been all day. Spiders trail, 6-5.

1st Quarter 0:00- Ginestro scores his second man-up goal of the day with 18 seconds left in the quarter. UVA leads 6-3 after one quarter.

1st Quarter 1:06- Mark Cockerton unleashes a fantastic low-to-high shot that beats Shannon. 6-2 Cavs.

1st Quarter 2:11- Brad Burnam drives around the goal and finishes a shot in tight. Spiders trail, 5-2.

1st Quarter 3:24- Rob Emery dodges from X, jukes his defender, and buries the turnaround shot. The Cavs responded with another quick goal, and lead 5-1.

1st Quarter 5:09- James Pannell finishes the open shot to put the Cavaliers up 3-1. Greg Coholan gets the assist.

1st Quarter 7:36- Dan Ginestro scores Richmond’s first ever goal. Spiders trail, 2-1.

1st Quarter 8:07- Richmond draws a penalty and has a man-up opportunity.

1st Quarter 9:46- Zach Wood finishes off a long UVA possession with a long bounce shot. UVA leads, 2-0.

1st Quarter 11:57- Greg Coholan gets the Cavaliers on the board with a running bounce shot. Richmond wins the ensuing faceoff.

1st Quarter 14:00- Richmond goalie Conor Shannon stuffs the UVA attackman, and the Spiders have their first possession.

1st Quarter 14:40- The Cavaliers win the faceoff and have the first possession.

1st Quarter 15:00- The teams are set for the opening faceoff.

Pregame- UVA won it’s first game against No. 12 Loyola in overtime, 14-13. Richmond coach Dan Chemotti was the offensive coordinator at Loyola before coming to Richmond.

Pregame- Welcome to The Collegian’s coverage Richmond men’s lacrosse’s first game varsity sport. The Spiders are diving into this whole division 1 lacrosse thing head first, as they take on Virginia at Robins Stadium. The Cavaliers are one of the finest programs in the country, as they have won five national championships and have reached 22 Final Fours. If you haven’t already, check out our season preview. If you have any questions during the game, you can either post a comment below or tweet at me.

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