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Richmond vs Dayton first-half analysis

Published: January 18, 2014, 5:02 pm ET
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First-half score: Richmond – 36, Dayton 32

Analysis: Richmond is lucky to be down by only four points at the half given it shot 30 percent from the field in the first half. Dayton, conversely, shot 61 percent. Despite trailing for the majority of the half, Richmond shot 13-14 from the free-throw line to keep the game close. Cedrick Lindsay and Kendall Anthony, Richmond’s two leading scorers on the season, combined for 11 points, but shot 1-12 from the field. Alonzo Nelson-Ododa, who has seven points and five rebounds, did not shoot well either, but has been a force on the boards and as a rim protector. Richmond’s three-point shooting struggles continue, as they went 1-9 from deep in the half. Terry Allen leads all scorers with eight point

What to look for in the second half: Coach Mooney cannot be happy with how the offense looked in the first half. Richmond’s offense lacked creativity, which led to tough shots and a poor shooting percentage. Richmond’s guards, in particular Lindsay and Anthony, will need to get the Spiders’ offense going in the second half to comeback. If you told me before the game Anthony and Lindsay would be 1-12 from the field in the first half, I’d say Richmond would be down double digits. Luckily for the Spiders, they are very much in the game, and I’d guess Lindsay and Anthony won’t shoot that poorly in the second half.

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