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Rapid Recap: Richmond 27 – Albany 10

Published: November 2, 2013, 7:51 pm ET
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Final Score: Richmond 27 – Albany 10

What Happened: Good games from both the offense and the defense propelled Richmond over Albany, 27-10, giving the Spiders its first conference win of the season. After Brandon Jordi missed his only field goal out of his five attempts on Richmond’s opening drive, Albany scored its only touchdown on an 12-play, 80-yard drive. From there, Richmond dominated the remainder of the game, but only led 17-10 at the half because the offense stalled deep in Albany territory four times in the first half. A fumble recovery by Ayo Ogunniyi midway through the second quarter led to Richmond’s sole touchdown of the half. Albany was still in the game after a sloppy, scoreless third quarter, but a 10-play 94-yard touchdown drive followed by an interception by Mylon Blueford that led to a field goal sealed the Spiders’ victory.

Spider Positives: Aside from Albany’s opening drive, Richmond’s defense dominated Albany’s offense, holding the Great Danes to 318 total yards. The defense held Albany running-back Omar Osbourne, who has been one of the CAA’s top running backs this year, to 56 yards on 18 carries. Eric Wright and Walt Sparks led the Spiders’ defense with 10 tackles each. The two turnovers forced by the defense led to 10 points for Richmond. Offensively, Richmond was as balanced as it has been all season. Seth Fisher led all rushers with 89 yards on 18 carries and Jacobi Green added 54 yards on 10 carries. Michael Strauss played a solid game, throwing for 300 yards and one touchdown. Brandon Jordi set a school record for four field goals made in a single game.

Spider Negatives: Richmond could have put this game away earlier if it had capitalized when it had the ball deep in Albany territory. Richmond had the ball either in or near the red-zone on each of its five first-half possessions, but only managed to score one touchdown. Richmond was able to get away with not scoring touchdowns in these areas today, but this same problem has partially led to some of its previous losses. Richmond’s two turnovers also prevented the Spiders from putting the game out of reach earlier. The turnovers did not prove to be too costly today, but similar mistakes could hurt Richmond in its coming games.

Up Next: The Spiders will travel to Long Island to take on Stony Brook.

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