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Theta Chi is on suspended status pending an investigation

Published: February 28, 2013, 1:24 am ET
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University of Richmond administrators have placed the Omicron colony of Theta Chi on suspended status while an investigation is being conducted, said Michael Mayer, executive director of Theta Chi Fraternity International Headquarters.

The international headquarters staff currently recognizes the Omicron colony, Mayer said, and members at Richmond have been cooperative with the fraternity’s staff thus far.

Theta Chi is considered a Greek colony at Richmond because members are uninitiated, yet are working closely with fraternity advisers with the goal of becoming a fully recognized chapter, said Alison Bartel Keller, campus director of Greek life.

“Just because something is alleged does not mean that we automatically accuse,” Keller said. “We have to do the investigation and learn of the details so that we can accurately respond to the situation.”

The fraternity’s professional staff has been working closely with the Omicron members to determine facts, Mayer said. He said they would continue to work closely as the investigation proceeds.

Last spring, the fraternity’s international headquarters officially recognized the return of Theta Chi at Richmond.

Plans to remove the fraternity from campus are not part of the conversation at this time, Keller said. These rumors “stem from ignorance,” she said.

Since Theta Chi remains a colony at Richmond, it does not have a charter to lose, Keller said.

Omicron colony president, junior John Ryan, denied to comment to The Collegian reporters. Because the university is in an investigation period, Ryan is not permitted to say anything, Keller said.

If the allegation is eventually verified, then decisions will be made to take further steps, Keller said.

“People need to let the facts be brought out rather than make any inflammatory accusations based on rumor,” she said.

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  • ignorant junior

    So now we are supposed to have all of the facts about what’s going on at the university? I thought we were supposed to suffer in silence and ignorance, based on the removals of Delta Epsilon Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, Men’s Soccer, and Men’s Track and Field. Excuse us as students, Ms. Keller, for no longer waiting for information to come out, and for searching it out on our own. I no longer expect the school to be upfront and honest in their decisions.

  • Mark Sakalosky

    Nothing to see here, move along, move along. Stare at the shiny new building, applaud the wealthy donors that made it possible. No questions. Move along now, move along.

  • t-dog

    So this article says nothing about why they are being investigated and the things that they are allegedly doing. You are literally saying nothing in this article!!!