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Board of Trustees affirms sports cuts, doesn’t vote again

Published: December 7, 2012, 5:34 pm ET

The Board of Trustees met today at the University of Richmond for its regularly scheduled meeting. In what may be the final word on the matter, the board restated its decision to add men’s lacrosse and cut men’s soccer and track and field.

Kyle Ragan, a senior on the track team, issued this statement after learning of the decision, “We are obviously disappointed in the outcome, but this does not mean that we will stop our fight.”

The trustees did not take another vote on the matter, as some proponents of the “Carry the Flag” movement had hoped. The affirmation of the decision was confirmed by a source privy to the meeting.

On Thursday, about fifty students protested the decision at the Board of Trustees luncheon.

Stay tuned for updates as they arrive.

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  • Ryan Bonner

    Sad state of affairs at UR. This situation has become a national story on how money corrupts everything. It’s all about how much money you have and who you know. The people who wanted lacrosse at UR had a lot more of both than the soccer/track supporters. It’s as simple as that. It’s been bad PR all around for the school and you can be sure prospective students will be well aware of the debacle and you can also be sure many of them will be turned away by the way it was handled.

  • Jon ’80

    Wow, Love the protests and the comments. Sort of like me complaining about Romney not winning a whole month later.
    Anyway the important thing here is don’t forget to go see the Lacrosse team when they play their first season. Lacrosse is such a great TEAM Sport and it is played in equipment and not just shorts an a t shirt. I think you will really like it. Go Spiders Lacrosse!

    • Ryan Lawson

      What a loser – personally! What a nasty way to rub in a tragic situation for the college students dedicated to their sports who were promised a full four years at Richmond to play their sports. Your poor attitude just demonstrates why I will side with the Carry the Flag people – and why any decent person would. Your arrogance is an embarrassment for the University but, unfortunately, typical of the lacrosse player and fan that we can expect at Richmond.

      Any chance you were involved in the Marsh Hall fire?

      • Jon ’80

        Ryan how can you call me a loser when it is so obvious that with Lacrosse coming to Richmond College at U of R I am celebrating like a WINNER!. Marsh Hall Fire? WT_, dude check out my handle ’80 as in class of 1980. You seem a bit clueless but that’s OK you can still go to the Lacrosse games and enjoy the fastest game on two feet! Sort of like Ice Hockey and Football combined. BTW have you ever watched a Lacrosse game? It is so much more enjoyable that track or soccer. I would be glad to take you to the first game and explain the rules and the positions and the plays to you. How does that sound Ryan?

        Also Ryan just so you know Hillary Tuwei was a classmate and a friend and a 7 time All American in Track and Field. I still prefer lacrosse!

        • overit

          I’m perfectly fine with your zeal for lacrosse. What I find disturbing is your use of WTF, dude,and BTW when you’re in your mid-50s. Phil Dunphy, is that you? Why the face?

  • Greg Hoff

    Shame, just Shame.

  • Edwin Schmierer

    Very sad. As an alum, I won’t donate this year.

  • Annoyed Runner

    Ridiculous. This is an absolute travesty. If numbers is their game, why don’t they consider $3,000,000. That a lot of money raised in ONE WEEK for the reinstatement of track and soccer. Sure, that might not be the number needed, but I have no doubt that the necessary funds would be provided to reinstate these programs. One week is not a lot of time. Give it a month and then what would happen? This shows an incredible lack of leadership and integrity for President Ayers and the Board of Trustees. Basically, this university has no backbone. It is run by cowards.

  • Malaprop

    This is all based in Title 9.

  • IDK

    It is crazy how a school will cut two sports just for one sport. What a bunch of mess!!!!!

    • Axemancometh

      Other Universities have and will continue to confront the scrutiny of their own budgets with a keen eye on athletic budgets.The creation of an intercollegiate Mens lax program is a great decision by UR.Sadly it was at the expense of discontinuing 2 other men’s program.That’s the painful part.Hopefully,we don’t decide to implement a squash and/or fencing team.Plenty of prep school kids in New England play those sports as well.Wonder what UR sport(s) will get axed then?

      • Mike Stubbs

        This is where most people don’t understand the situation. Please pay close attention to what I say below:

        * The cuts of soccer and indoor/outdoor track = 60 roster spots.

        * Lacrosse takes up 40 roster spots.

        * 20 are left over — that is the amount it would take to field the outdoor track and field team

        * It will cost the university not a single dollar more to field an outdoor track and field team as the university would get an extra $30,000 for fielding the extra team from the NCAA. That covers operating expenses. The other expenses are already paid as the men’s coaches are the same as the women’s and there is already a track and field facility. There is no budgetary issue here, especially considering there is no scholarship money attached either.

        * Rather, the school says it will choose to redistribute these 20 roster spots to other men’s teams. Does the marginal addition of a few athletes to our other athletic teams outweigh an entire program that A.) had the top GPA in the nation in 2011 and has been top ten in the country the past ten years in a row? and (B) has produced 4 of the last 5 (and 6 of the last 9) Presidential Citation award recipients for top athlete GPA? and (C) produced multiple athletic All-Americans as well?

        * The administration said that all currently existing sports will benefit from the reconfiguration, yet it cripples the cross country team. XC teams without track finish on average in the bottom 20% of their region and only once in past five years have they finished in the top 50%. The administration was presented with this data and had no response. (Please see these statistics on pages 11-12 in an Analysis of the Reconfiguration at

        I understand that there are many, many cogs as a part of the bigger machine that is a university. I fail to understand why, though, with the above information (all of which is factual), why the university would want to get rid of track.

        If anybody has a clear answer to that question, please let me know by email ( or to this forum.

        - Mike Stubbs ’08

  • It’s just sports

    Really…?!?!? We are not talking about cutting an academic program here… Did they cut chemistry, art history, accounting…? While I do feel bad for the few athletes who no longer have a team to play for, let’s keep this in perspective. Co-currucular activities are important, but they should never be considered the reason a student chooses to enroll in a University. If the athletes from soccer and track now feel the need to leave so they can continue playing thier sport, then obviously we know what is most importnant to them.

  • Alum

    Changes happen and we all won’t like all of them. I LOVE sports, but athletics is just one component of the collegiate experience and not likely the future career of the soccer/track team members. I do find it interesting that you could barely attract a meaninglful number of UR students to attend the soccer games/track meets, yet now all of a sudden the outrage that the teams are gone. Where were all of you when the teams could have used some fan support?! Let’s get real, UR students do not ooze school spirit for the athletics programs so these “protests” come across as nothing more than a sense of entitlement.