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Kappa Sigma loses its national fraternity charter

Published: December 6, 2012, 6:25 pm ET
The Beta Beta chapter of Kappa Sigma recently hosted Movember trivia night last Tuesday, a week before the national office told the chapter its charter was being revoked.
Collegian Staff (with help from Nabila Khouri)

Administrators at the University of Richmond sent an official statement commenting on the withdrawal of the charter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity Beta-Beta chapter to all the presidents of the university’s fraternities and sororities on Thursday, Dec. 6.

Members of the Beta Beta chapter have not released a press statement but two alumni of the chapter, Ryan Byrnes and Brian Ruddock, created a blog post sharing their disapproval of the withdrawal.

“It’s difficult to know exactly how Beta Beta arrived where it did this week,” Byrnes said in the blog post. “Perhaps the demise began from within, with bad foresight paired with bad fortune leading to a departure from the path to the good of the order.

“Perhaps outside forces accelerated the downfall, with enough allegations made against the chapter – some true, some false – to overshadow the positive actions that brothers continued to do.”

Ruddock said: “Outside of my immediate family, no institution has had such a positive and measured impact on my life. To know that Beta Beta may cease to exist, offends a selfish, sentimental part of me. Something that I truly love is gone.”

Linda Evans, assistant director for media and public relations at the University of Richmond, could not comment on the matter and was told that any statements would have to come from the Fraternity.

Mitchell B. Wilson, executive director for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, said the charter had been withdrawn, and the Beta-Beta Chapter would have 30 days to submit an appeal. The charter was withdrawn on Tuesday because of the Chapter’s failure to comply with the virtues expected of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, especially but not limited to social function violations that were mainly alcohol-related. The Chapter had been operating under sanctions for the past two years because of previous violations of these policies, and the charter was withdrawn because of the Chapter’s continued violations, Wilson said.

Because of the 30-day judicial process with appeals, Wilson could not comment further on the issue.

“It is difficult for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity to realize the loss of a Chapter that has been on our rolls for 114 years,” Wilson was quoted in the news release. “Unfortunately, the current undergraduate Chapter did not and would not respond to the change that was necessary. There were opportunities and chances given but the Chapter failed to change. We are deeply disappointed.”

The Beta-Beta Chapter had been active and operating since its founding on March 5, 1898, according to the news release.

According to the statement from the University of Richmond, officials from the university will work to help the fraternity return to the university, but such a change would not occur any sooner than four years from now.

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  • A

    No one should be shocked by this…

  • GDI

    “[E]specially, but not limited to social-function violations that were mainly alcohol-related.”

    There was also that time that one of their members sent out that disgusting email that showed how they, as a collective group, like to dehumanize women on campus and treat them like sex toys.

    Oh, and then that time where they did it again. Eight months later.

    But that’s not the pressing issue here. They had too much alcohol.

    • urstudent

      Im sorry if you are offended by an email from 2008. that says nothing about the character about the current group of guys.

  • Shocker

    I’m shocked.

  • Ozamataz Buckshank

    That’s a damn shame. For both the girls who were the victims of this and Kappa sig. Twas a great frat.

  • Womp Womp

    If they did it to FIJI last year, it isn’t a shocker that Kap Sig got the boot.

    • Nelson George

      I find it more than a bit ironic that two of the softest, most studious, and most ethnically/culturally diverse fraternities have been pushed out by Ms. Keller over the last two years for alcohol violations which we know every single fraternity blatantly disregards every Wednesday thru Saturday night. Kappa Sigs were some of the coolest guys on campus (in the non douche way), and it is a shame that future classes of freshman girls will now be forced to pick from a far more dangerous and sketchy field of true frat bros at the lodges each weekend. It’s increasingly hard to defend Greek life at this school as it is increasingly devoid of true “gentlemen and scholars”.

      I’d go so far as to say that kappa sig was the only fraternity that both truly drew people to its parties and didn’t consist entirely of a-holes from Connecticut. A true loss.

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    Cue the political correct feminists in 3…2…1…

    We’re all perfectly okay with frat behavior and use them for parties and lodging every weekend without complaining. But once some bad incident is brought to light, then all of a sudden it becomes disgusting and intolerable.

    • Reality Check

      Cue the idiots who can’t back up their “arguments” in 3, 2, 1…

  • Spider

    I am not affiliated with any Greek organization, but I have many close friends in Kap Sig and have attended multiple parties of theirs over my years at the university. I would just urge many of you not believe what you hear over the coming days. I have spoken with a few of the guys since news broke, and though I was not told specifics of course, it seems as if most of what they are in trouble for are exaggerated lies crafted by others. GDI, get your facts straight before making accusations. I know these guys and the actions of one of them in no way reflects them as a whole. If you took the chance to get to know them, you would realize that this is a group of great guys that can’t be defined by a stereotypical comment made by one naive and uninformed student. Comments like that are the problem with our school, people seem to judge too quickly. I think it’s only a matter of time until the real truth comes out.

    • Reality Check

      …so a Kappa Sig didn’t send out those emails? GDI’s facts seem pretty “straight” to me.

  • Baldassare Cossa

    Victory is mine

  • Triceragoose

    This is the softest group of Kappa Sigs in years. If these lameos got booted, only SPE will be left soon.

    • Frankavillo

      Back in my day, a beta beta brother really was a raider of the night. Seems like this latest crop couldn’t handle the bro-dom passed down. A bunch of lame lamda chis if you ask me.


    That’s a damn shame. If UR wants to become the popular, prestigious, upper-echelon university it has been striving for, the school must realize its reliance on fraternities. Ivy’s would be MIT or RPI without eating clubs or social clubs, and the absurd rules strangling social life are already spreading around the high-school populations. Richmond’s becoming the place where “You work you butt off and fun goes to die”. I’m not condoning any sexually illicit behavior, but you must punish individuals, not groups. Especially when this group pulls in over 10% of the student body on any given Friday or Saturday. Don’t ruin over 100 years of tradition for an email sent out 4 years ago, and throwing parties at a house that has hosted parties for 15 years. It makes the university seem pretty stupid.

  • beta beta

    as a current brother, I appreciate your comment and support. shit aint easy right now and school can strip down our letters off our lodge but letters are just letters, blood is blood.

    • Ken Turner

      Brother…I am from class of 84 and need to speak with you. please reach out to me at AEKDB

  • Lance D.

    Ha ha! Now you will know how we felt when we had to go to the kappa sigma lodge in order to go to a good party and meet girls.

  • donkeyteeth

    This is undeniably saddening news for the richmond community. Kappa Sig was probably the only culturally and ethnically blind fraternity on campus and now almost every fraternity left (of the very few that are) are pretty much all the same. Fraternities undeniably dominate the social scene at richmond, do we want the arrogant, white-dominated fraternities that are left left to control the social scene for our increasingly diverse student body? Kappa sig was undeniably one of the most welcoming frats on campus, both for freshman trying to experience fraternity life and for girls. And look at the state of the university: their lodge gets broken into the next day with serious damages, there are only a handful of frats left on a frat-dominated campus. Don’t get me wrong, kappa sig has done some stupid stuff in the past (like all fraternities do, kappa sig just didnt get away with their lapses in judgement), but it is saddening to see that matters from 2008 had a bearing on this situation.

    also, look at this matter from a prospective Kappa sig rush’s point of view—what do they do now? There is no positive outlook for these kids-they spent all semester trying to get to know this great group of guys. Their decision to rush such a fraternity means that they too embody all of the accepting traits that kappa sig displays. Now with a couple weeks left, they are forced to try and fit in to the ignorant frats left, something I know personally none of them want to do.

    • Swervithan L Gooding Splatt

      As a prospective Kappa Sig rush, I can agree that this sucks…

    • X-wing @aliciousness

      I may not have been considering Kappa Sig myself but many of my close friends were, they are all completely distraught and have been very saddened in the days after learning about this travesty.

  • Reason

    This is the right decision. Maybe it’s not fair to punish all of the members for the crimes of a few, but the fact is that the blame lies not only with those individual members, but with the attitude and culture that is encouraged by the entire organization. Although the infamous email was sent out years ago, the recent events that have occurred show that the sentiments expressed in that email have not gone away. The fraternity culture as a whole encourages this attitude that objectifies women and encourages aggressive behavior towards them. There is nothing wrong with a fun night out that involves hooking up, but everyone agrees that there are lines you do not cross. In the case of this fraternity, the brothers and the leadership failed to change the culture that permeates the organization and it resulted in extremely inappropriate, and quite honestly, vile behavior. The only real solution is to punish the group as a whole. Although it unfairly affects some of the innocent brothers, no one can deny that the victims of the guilty brothers were also unfairly affected.
    And for those who have expressed concern about brothers going through a hard time. How about you go and talk to the real victims of all of this and then tell me who needs our sympathy and support.

    • Reality Check


    • Easy Targets

      If you think Kappa Sig was the only fraternity “victimizing” girls, you’re out of your mind. Keller chooses to make an example out of the more blue-collar frats because their parents don’t give the school enough money to make them invincible. SAE and Sig Chi have been much more deserving of sanctions in recent years, especially if alcohol is the issue, and yet they skate by on the backs of Mommy and Daddy’s checkbook.

  • George Hung

    I’m taking bets that the Eta Prime chapter at Duke University will be closed next week?