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7-11 brings “7-Election” bus to campus for GOTV effort

Published: October 11, 2012, 12:04 am ET
Collegian Reporter

The 7-Election Tour Bus visited the University of Richmond on Tuesday for “COFfree Day 2012,” at which students received a free cup of coffee and cast their vote in the 7-Election poll.

Jimmy Ellis, field manager of the 7-Election Tour Bus, said the bus would make stops in cities and campuses to give out coffee and encourage people to vote. “You pick either a Romney or an Obama cup for your coffee, and we tally the cup counts,” he said.

The bus began its tour in New York City and will travel around the country until its final stop in Dallas, Texas, on Election Day. The inside of the bus is a reproduction of the Oval Office, where visitors can have their picture taken at the president’s desk.

“7-Eleven reached out to the law school to bring this event to campus,” said Latosha Ellis, member of the Black Law Students Association. “We want to encourage people to vote, regardless of who they vote for.”

Kudjoe Yeboah-Kankam, president of the BLSA, held both an Obama cup and a Romney cup as he said that he wanted people to get excited to vote. “People our age don’t show up when it counts,” he said. “Take the time to vote, and have faith in the process.”

The 7-Election poll has correctly predicted the winner in the last two presidential elections, Jimmy Ellis said. After getting a cup of coffee, voters can follow the poll results online to see which candidate is ahead in their state, as well as in the nation, he said.

Law students visited the bus in the lot behind the International Center to get coffee and cast their vote in the poll, despite the rain on that afternoon. People can also cast their vote by choosing a cup when they purchase a coffee at any 7-Eleven location.

“The event is to promote voter awareness and registration,” Latosha Ellis said. “It also acts as a sort of poll for the school.”

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