Richmond frisbee teams to host tournaments this weekend

Published: April 11, 2012, 11:51 pm ET
Photo courtesy of Lexi Doolittle.
The Redhots, the University of Richmond women's club ultimate frisbee team, strikes a pose at the IM fields.
Collegian Reporter

The University of Richmond will host two ultimate frisbee tournaments on the intramural fields Saturday, April 14 and Sunday, April 15, including the women’s Atlantic Coast regional tournament.

The Richmond Redhots, the women’s ultimate frisbee club team, will play in what could be its last tournament of the season, with a chance at one of two bids to the national tournament in Wisconsin on May 19, said senior Alex Purdy, a women’s frisbee team co-captain.

“This tournament represents the culmination of everything that we have worked hard for this year,” Purdy said.

The Atlantic Coast region is made up of eight schools: Richmond, Catholic University, Davidson College, Elon University, Goucher College, University of Mary Washington, Roanoke College and St. Mary’s College (MD), according to the USA Ultimate website. Davidson will not be attending the tournament.

This is the team’s eighth tournament of the year, and will probably be the most competitive, said senior Sally Roberts, a women’s team co-captain.

“We are really excited about having the tournament in Richmond this year,” Roberts said. “We host one tournament every fall, but don’t always get to in the spring as well.”

The men’s club ultimate frisbee team will host its conference tournament on Saturday, April 14, with the opportunity to advance to the regional tournament at Elon University on April 28, according to the USA Ultimate website.

Five teams will participate in this tournament: Catholic, Goucher, Navy, Richmond and St. Mary’s (MD). The top-four finishers will advance to the regional tournament.

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