F’Real shakes and smoothies in ETC selling rapidly

Published: March 29, 2012, 1:22 am ET
Collegian Reporter
Jasmine Garrett /The Collegian

The new F'Real shake and smoothie machine at ETC has quickly become one of the store's biggest attractions.

A recent addition to ETC, F’Real milkshakes and smoothies have quickly taken the campus by storm.

ETC employees began selling the products the first Monday after Spring Break, and the milkshakes have been selling at a rapid pace ever since, said Brian Sculthorpe, the ETC multi-unit manager.

“Within the first three days that we sold them, we sold out of 46 cases, which contained 12 products each,” Sculthorpe said. “That’s a lot of milkshakes.”

ETC carries six different flavors of milkshakes: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, cookies ‘n cream, mint chip and Reese’s. Mango and strawberry banana smoothies are also offered.

“Cookies ‘n cream and mint chip are easily the favorites on campus,” Sculthorpe said. “After that, everything is just about even.”

Each pint-sized milkshake contains around 600 calories and 70 grams of sugar. Each smoothie contains 270 calories and around 65 grams of sugar, but that has done little to stop students from enjoying the tasty treats.

“I read the nutrition label once and thought, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of calories,’ but they are still delicious,” freshman Luke Burton said. “I don’t really feel bad about drinking them anymore.

Some students have even added the milkshakes to their weekly or daily routines to help them get through the stress of college life.

“I hate Mondays,” junior Charlie Hudson said, “so I decided to start ‘Milkshake Mondays’ so I could enjoy my long walk to the business school with a nice, cold milkshake. I have been doing it for a couple weeks now, and it makes Mondays not as horrible.”

Sculthorpe said that the ETC staff had decided to bring in the machine to add variety to the frozen treat options in the store, as warmer weather heats up campus.

“I was a student here, and I always wanted an ice cream shop on campus,” Sculthorpe said. “I see the F’Real milkshakes as a way to give students something I never had.”

He said that he planned on adding more flavors soon, as he had been more than impressed with the products’ success thus far.

“The sales are good, and the students are happy,” Sculthorpe said. “That works out just fine for me.”

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