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Transportation initiative includes zip cars, more buses

Published: November 22, 2010, 1:42 pm ET
Collegian Staff

Hossein Sadid, vice president for business and finance at the University of Richmond, announced on Friday that the university will add multiple facets to its transportation services, including zip cars and a continuous shuttle system, starting next semester.

In an e-mail to faculty, staff and students, Sadid highlighted three major additions that he said would “enhance our transportation strategy to address the mobility needs of the University community.” Richmond will now partner with Groome Transportation, Zimride and Zipcar.

Groome Transportation, a Richmond-based bus company, will purchase new buses and run continuous shuttles to serve as GRTC connectors, mall shuttles and on-demand vans. A full-time transportation coordinator for the Richmond campus will be named by Groome in the near future.

Zimride provides an easier way for students and others to coordinate carpools and commutes. It allows students to connect with others who are also looking to carpool free-of-charge.

Zipcar supplies short-term, self-service access to two on-campus vehicles for a low annual cost and additional hourly fee, Sadid said. The program will allow students and staff who are enrolled in the program to use the cars when necessary, though the full details have not yet been confirmed.

Last month, Sadid also announced a partnership with the To The Bottom and Back (2BNB) bus service, which runs a continuous route from campus to Shockoe Bottom on Friday and Saturday nights.

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  • Anonymous

    In the headline you use”zip car,” but in the article you restrict yourself to “Zipcar.” What is a zip car? Is it like a little car that is prone to zipping?

  • Jenna

    Well, this info about zip cars would be of fantastic assist to anyone who would come to read this one. Thanks a great deal for sharing your thoughts..