Wednesday, April 16, 2014
09:13 am ET
The future admissions building is set to be named after Paul Queally, donor and board of trustees member. Queally recently made comments that were considered offensive, especially to the LGBTQ community.
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Hamby’s report went viral, as it opened investigations to lawyers, helped reform legislation and caused Johns Hopkins to suspend its black lung unit.

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»By Lauren Pepe and Kate Powers

King Joffrey’s downfall surprises avid Game of Thrones fans. What will happen next is the lingering question on everyone’s minds.

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The event will include a panel discussion of students among entrepreneurs and political leaders including Tim Kaine. Followed by a networking reception.

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Men’s tennis team sees potential in their freshmen
»By Charles Broaddus

Six of the eight men’s tennis team members are freshmen. The team’s coach has relied on the upperclassmen to help the younger teammates succeed on and off the court.

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Students gather for annual Take Back the Night forum

This open forum is designed for students to discuss their experiences with sexual violence, or to listen to and support others. More than 200 students attended this year.

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The waiting Game (of Thrones) is finally over
»By Weston Sutter

Game of Thrones’ new season has begun. The fantastical chaos continued to introduce more creative plot twists and thematic highlights.

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Senior Octaves showcase their roles at Spring Fever

The Octaves sold out Booker Hall for their Spring Fever concert. They said goodbye to their four seniors with a knock-out performance.

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