Sunday, April 20, 2014
07:28 pm ET
Chris Hamby won the Pulitzer Prize for his investigative report on lawyers and doctors who rigged a system to deny benefits to coal miners who have black lung disease.
Business | Web Update

The Delta Sigma Pi Business Fraternity is about to complete its first year on campus on April 20.

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City Events | Web Update

Participating restaurants will provide patrons with a pre-set, three-course meal for $25.14. FeedMore will receive $2.14 from every meal that is purchased.

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Football | Live Blog

Check out live in-game updates as Richmond concludes its spring season with its annual spring game in Robins Stadium.

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Sports »
Men’s tennis team sees potential in their freshmen
»By Charles Broaddus

Six of the eight men’s tennis team members are freshmen. The team’s coach has relied on the upperclassmen to help the younger teammates succeed on and off the court.

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News »
Junior Melissa Diamond presents at the United Nations

After meeting the World Autism Awareness Day coordinator at the UN, Diamond was invited to speak. She presented on the therapy program she started in Palestine.

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Opinion »
Hardywood Brewery hosts food trucks and live music

Richmond locals and students have a new place to hang out and bump into old friends. Hardywood Park Craft Brewery hosts about 10 food trucks on Thursday nights.

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Features »
Senior Octaves showcase their roles at Spring Fever

The Octaves sold out Booker Hall for their Spring Fever concert. They said goodbye to their four seniors with a knock-out performance.

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